#9 Worldbuilding

#9 Worldbuilding
Space Wizards

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In this episode of WHO WOULD ZAINABB SMASH? a giant hole is dug and then we talk about worldbuilding. What worlds are good worlds? Where would we want to live? All this and lots of nervous laughter in today’s ramshackle episode!

2:22 ‘Nam Saying G

We went to see Stand By Me, one of Zainabb’s favourite films and now a firm fave for Dziugas, too.

Zainabb finished Dragon Age: Inquisition and talks about disappointing romances and perpetually making bad life decisions. Zainabb’s also gone to see David Lynch: The Art Life and has an update on Twin Peaks feels.

Dziugas is excited for the new Hearthstone expansion and has also been listening to The Adventure Zone. We also briefly chat about the upcoming Heathers remake.

44:23 Worldbuilding

We talk about what worldbuilding is and different types of worlds, from ones set in our own world (like with superheroes) to those just apart (like Harry Potter) to more fantastical worlds and barely comprehensible ones, like Middle-Earth or Twin Peaks.

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