#8: Living Vicariously Through Characters

#8: Living Vicariously Through Characters
Space Wizards

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We were prepared for an Angry Episode but instead things got better, Zainabb got emotional, and we had a haphazard discussion about living vicariously through characters.

1:41 ‘Nam Saying G

We watched Baby Driver and WHOO, BOY was it a raging hellfire.

Zainabb also watched The OA which has been helping her through a tough time, and Dziugas has been playing Baldur’s Gate like a badass.

36:00 Living Vicariously Through Characters

In our clunkiest topic title yet, we struggle to find characters that we feel like we can “live vicariously through” and maybe we just relate to our faves instead. We chat about how characters can provide a safe outlet for power fantasies and how The Sims is the ultimate in living vicariously.

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