#7: The Nicathon

#7: The Nicathon
Space Wizards

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THE NICATHON is here. We watched a bunch of Nicolas Cage films in a row and tried to understand them. Is he good, bad, or not even a real human being? We ask the big questions (about Nicolas Cage) in this special episode.

1:37 ‘Nam Saying G

Zainabb volunteered with some teens this week and struggles to express the unique kind of joy this brings her. She also watched Kedi, a Turkish film about cats, and struggles to contain her excitement about it.

Meanwhile, Dziugas thinks he hates The Killing, an American remake about a Scandidrama about a murder. He’s also been reading Ed Brubaker’s Captain America (including The Winter Soldier) and having Cap feels.

45:14 The Nicathon

We chat about City of Angels, Face/Off, The Rock, and The Wicker Man before discussing whether Nicolas Cage is an actor or just an abstract concept designed to free our minds.

Got a question or want to join in on the discussion? Contact us on our website or get in touch on Twitter @SpaceWizardsPod OR @ZainabbHull OR @DziugasMatas – or all three, if you’re super hardcore.

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