#6: Why Does Pop Culture Matter?

#6: Why Does Pop Culture Matter?
Space Wizards

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Who’s ready for an EXTRA SPECIAL ACCIDENTAL BUMPER EDITION of Space Wizards?!?! In today’s episode, we spend a good while talking about all the stuff that matters to us: society, compassion, the world, and pop culture.

We chat about communism, society, and the world before asking why we care about pop culture. What power does it hold over individuals and society? What do we get out of it – or what should we? And how can pop culture help us? Listen in to our jibber jabber in episode 6.

2:03 ‘Nam Saying G

Dziugas is watching Glow, a Netflix show about female wrestling steeped in ’80s sleaze.

Zainabb went to see White Lies, a New Zealand film about Maori identity, motherhood, and survival.

Zainabb also went to the Russian Revolution exhibit at the British Library so you can hear us chat about communism, power, nationalism, what people want from their leaders, fear, terrorism, Islamophobia, and the way we use language to discuss violence. We also talk about media coverage of violence and media coverage in general.

1:09:08 Why Does Pop Culture Matter?

We ask what is pop culture? What does it do, why does it matter, and how can it affect us? We look at how our media can influence society (and vice versa) and how this impacts power dynamics in the real world. We also chat about the ways in which stories can help us in difficult times.

Got a question or want to join in on the discussion? Contact us on our website or get in touch on Twitter @SpaceWizardsPod OR @ZainabbHull OR @DziugasMatas – or all three, if you’re super hardcore.

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