#5: Dystopian Narratives

#5: Dystopian Narratives
Space Wizards

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Nah, not really, we’re just talking about dystopian narratives in our latest episode. Why do we create and read dystopian narratives? What should we be taking away from these stories and what impact can they have in the real world? What’s with all those YA dystopias? All this and more in episode 5.

2:36 ‘Nam Saying G

Dziugas went to see Wonder Woman and has feels about it, whilst Zainabb’s been watching The Get Down and has feels about it.

We also chat about the 2017 UK General Election because Corbyn is the absolute boy.

30:08 Dystopian Narratives

We explore why we create and consume dystopias, like V For Vendetta, The Hunger Games, and the OG 1984. Why does YA fiction favour dystopias? What do we take from these stories back into the real world, if anything? And we discuss the importance of paying attention to real-life marginalised experiences in the present, which frequently align with western ideas of dystopian “futures.”

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