#4: Video Game Adaptations

#4: Video Game Adaptations
Space Wizards

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Our fourth episode is basically an excuse to watch the Street Fighter film. This time, we’re chatting video game adaptations. Why do video games get adapted into films – and why is it always so bad? What should video game adaptations be doing better? We chat all of this PLUS Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in our latest episode.

CW: transphobia, misogyny

2:57 ‘Nam Saying G

We’ve been watching Twin Peaks so we discuss just how Lynchian it all is alongside our disappointment at the show’s representation (which is still stuck in 1990.)

Zainabb’s been reading Hellblazer and wanting to live that British occult detective life, and then we chat about Wicked, which is about fascism.

39:59 Video Game Adaptations

Why Street Fighter is so delightful but Doom is boring af, even with Karl Urban AND Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Zainabb made someone mad with her running commentary of Silent Hill, and just what the heck is up with Uwe Boll. We discuss why video game adaptations aren’t very good, what they could do better, and why cinema needs to move away from the image of gamers as gross teenage boys.

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