#3: Twin Peaks

#3: Twin Peaks
Space Wizards

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It’s here! Our bumper-sized Twin Peaks episode (almost definitely the first of many) where we lose our shit over David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult classic TV show. How does Twin Peaks represent Lynch as an artist? Which themes are we gonna read into the show? And what does Twin Peaks have to say about women? All this and more in our third episode!

2:57 ‘Nam Saying G

Dziugas has been consuming Riverdale, DMing Dungeons and Dragons (for the first time ever!)

Zainabb is living that Mad Men life, reading Nimona, and cringing at the sex scenes in The Handmaiden. We also mention I Kill Giants.

31:49 Twin Peaks

We chat “Twin Peaks as media” and “Twin Peaks as narrative” with some squeeing over Special Agent Dale Cooper, David Lynch, and some feminist discourse thrown in.

1:54:44 Byeeeeeeeeeeee

What’s up next time, and an extra-special after-credits sting, courtesy of me being really really ill.

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