#24 The Osmosis of Cults

#24 The Osmosis of Cults
Space Wizards

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Content warning: mention of domestic abuse and abuse culture in our Ant-Man discussion, mention of violence during our cults discussion including reference to mass suicide and murder.

Things get weird in this episode as we chat about cults. What are they? Who makes them? And what would our roles be if we joined (or started) a cult? All this and more in our latest batch of rambling inanity.

2:30 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

We discuss Ant-Man, Hank Pym, and the character’s legacy, and Dziugas tells us about Ant-Man and The Wasp. We also rag on Michael Douglas and chat about the weird “psycho woman” film trend of the ’80s.

Zainabb eats a chocolate lollipop while we complain about Forrest Gump and Robert Zemeckis.

Zainabb started watching The Haunting of Hill House, which actually gets scary (update: it’s less scary after episode three). Then we talk about horror films and horror comics, including The Immortal Hulk and Sandman.

56:39 Cults

We try to define what a cult is, and what different types of cult exist. We talk extensively about our own theoretical cults and whether we would be good cult leaders. And what draws people to join a cult? How do cults work to foster a following and a group mentality? We also talk about how cults operate within a broader social context, including community organising and party politics.

2:18:49 Raptors vs Terrorism

We look for dinosaur cults and we are not disappointed.

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