#23 That’s 23, Man

#23 That’s 23, Man
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Content warning: mention of sexual harassment and mention of animal abuse in the update on travelling; discussion of Nazis, white supremacists, racist and gendered violence including mention of sexual assault in Green Room section; and a lot of chat about white supremacy and institutional marginalisation in the rest of the episode.

Zainabb is back from running off into the desert so we do our longest ‘nam sayin’ G yet (reprise). Get prepped for long discussions about Japanese cinema, Nazis, the media, museums and decolonisation.

6:21 On travelling

Zainabb talks about their attempts to decolonise their travel whilst away, plus challenges faced alongside the good stuff (like cockroaches!)

25:45 Akira Kurosawa

We talk about Kurosawa’s influence and legacy, as well as hit flicks Rashōmon and Seven Samurai. We chat misogyny, spaghetti westerns, and the Most Beautiful Man In The World, Toshiro Mifune. <3 We also talk about Gate of Hell, which is very pretty.

50:10 Green Room and Nazi Gangs

Dziugas watched Green Room by Jeremy Saulnier, a slasher film about Nazis that gets us chatting about gangs, media representation of white supremacists vs BAME kids in gangs, and the eternal bullshit of Nazi sympathisers.

Dziugas also offers a quick update on Elementary, a progressive television beacon in today’s sociopolitical hellscape.

1:14:26 Video Gaming Updates

We continue our chat about fascists by discussing L.A. Noire, a video game about pigs and nonsense.

Zainabb has been playing Ni No Kuni which continues to heal souls and cure all ills with its purity and beautiful animation.

1:21:00 Who Gets To Tell Our Stories?

Zainabb had to bail on reading Alif the Unseen, a story written by a white person about the Arab Spring but also focussing on a mixed-race character, for some reason. We chat about why it’s not always a good idea to write experiences that aren’t your own (or close enough), and how power dynamics impact the conversation around “who should tell whose stories”. We talk about Luke Cage, Staying Power, and white supremacy within creative industries and academia. Zainabb also chats about making academia more accessible, and touches on Frantz Fanon and “post”-colonialism.

1:52:52 Museums and Cultural Institutions

We chat about British museums, galleries, and other cultural heritage institutions. We discuss how marginalised people, especially POC, are excluded from these institutions, and what we can do to help QTIPOC be recognised within these spaces. We talk about institutions’ history of colonial theft and appropriation, and how we can include POC within these spaces whilst also holding the spaces accountable.

Also, Dziugas has an amazing story about a theft at the Natural History Museum that will probably improve your life.

2:09:30 Raptors vs Terrorism

We have a haphazard Raptors vs Terrorism section where Dziugas chats about dinos in the new World of Warcraft expansion. Sadly, no Liopleurodon but we do talk about what dinosaurs we’d ride in the dino apocalpyse.

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