#22 The Mummy

#22 The Mummy
Space Wizards

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Content warning: mention of fat-shaming in Queer Eye, mention of abuse in Fun Home, mention of Nazis at the end of our Stonehenge chat, discussion of racism and colonialism/imperialism in The Mummy and our discussion around Egypt

Zainabb is running into the desert so in our last episode for A While, we chat The Mummy, decolonising travel, and Brendan Fraser. Also, tune in to hear our longest Space Wizards yet, and both of us sincerely believe this is our 23rd episode (it’s not, it says #22 right there) which is definitely not 23, man.

5:10 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

Zainabb adds to the Queer Eye discussion on the last episode, discussing how the show asks (mostly) cishet white men to do better and to pick up the emotional labour that women in their lives are currently doing. We also chat a bit about television’s problem with fat-shaming, body-shaming, and talking about fashion.

We chat about YouTube, webseries, and why we struggle to keep up with it all.

We both went to see the Fun Home adaptation at the Young Vic and we cried a lot. It’s queer, it’s emotional, and it’s a musical. We chat about what the play/comic mean to us. Zainabb speaks about the eternal struggle of being a QTPOC and the joy of being in a space, for once, that felt inclusive.

51:54 Nom-sense

We eat dinner and talk around our munching. We chat about X-Men: Apocalypse and how it wasted Mohawk Storm; the raccoon who loses their candy floss; and we have a long talk about Dziugas’s birthday trip to Stonehenge, magic and ancient apocalyptic artefacts, and how Britain navigates its relationship with paganism, druids, and Christianity.

The article Dziugas mentions about Lithuanian collaboration with the Nazis is here: https://www.salon.com/2018/07/14/my-grandfather-didnt-fight-the-nazis-as-family-lore-told-it-he-was-a-brutal-collaborator/

1:24:53 The Mummy

We discuss 1999 Brendan Fraser classic, The Mummy, and why it’s a feminist classic and one of the earliest representational films in Zainabb’s childhood. We chat the horror, the aesthetics, whiteness, and masculinity in the original, and we touch on the trashier The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King. We also talk about Ancient Egyptian mythology, cats, and Othering brown and black ancient history.

Zainabb also shares some thoughts on decolonising travel and their upcoming trip to Egypt.

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