#21 It’s A Conspiracy!

#21 It’s A Conspiracy!
Space Wizards

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We get deep about conspiracy theories, reality, and psychology… or do we? Listen to our definitely human voices talking about definitely theoretical things.

2:10 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

Zainabb is watching The Bold Type and discusses its representation of queer women and coming out, black women, and the harmful capital construct of the ‘millennial hustle’.

Dziugas watched the second season of Search Party, a show about insufferable hipsters.

Zainabb watched Queer Eye and has many thoughts on the show’s staged acceptance, fat-shaming, and judgemental consumerism.

We chat about The Death of Stalin, its old white man approach to humour, and the concerning support for authoritarianism on the left.

And finally, something positive: Zainabb saw Little Forest, a delightful cosy Korean film about food, nature, and personal growth.

1:12:00 Raptors vs Terrorism

Zainabb saw Jurassic World 2 and it wasn’t good, nor did it feature raptors fighting terrorism. Also, the trailers are a lie.

1:17:04 Conspiracy Theories

We discuss all things conspiratorial… or do we? We talk about what conspiracy theories are, some of our favourite ones, and why people believe in conspiracy theories. Zainabb finally makes use of their Psychology degree to chat about why some people are more likely to believe in theories than others, plus we get deep about the nature of our reality, how we can’t really know anything for sure, and why MRAs and fascists are actually just conspiracy theorists.

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