#20: Sexuality and The Future of Star Wars

#20: Sexuality and The Future of Star Wars
Space Wizards

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cw: mention of attempted suicide, sexual violence

We go deep on a whole bunch of topics, from censorship and colonialism in pop culture to queerness in Star Wars. We chat about the Star Wars franchise and what we can expect from future instalments, plus what we actually want to see from the series.

2:06 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

Zainabb watched Empire Records for the first time and liked it far better than The Breakfast Club. (cw: mention of attempted suicide)

We chat about Dope, the Netflix dramedy that Dziugas couldn’t get into.

In our first instalment of Zainabb v Dinosaurs, Zainabb chats about the Jurassic Park series, liopleurodon, and Walking With Dinosaurs.

Dziugas went to see Deadpool 2 so we chat about its queer representation, putting abusers on-screen, and how it weighs up with the first one.

Zainabb read Becoming Unbecoming, a graphic novel about misogyny, gendered violence, and abuse. (Content warning for all those things.) Then we discuss narratives of abuse as they relate to Deadpool which features weird morals around an abuse-based subplot.

Zainabb watched Keanu romance film The Lake House so we discuss time travel, paradoxes, and alternate timelines. Zainabb also watched Gravity and got real annoyed with George sex-pest Clooney.

Dziugas started playing Just Cause 3 and we discuss the merits of blowing things up, as well as the problem with imperialism in video games and why games only ever seem to ask us to blow up brown bodies.

1:09:42 Raptors vs Terrorism

We chat dinos and imperialism in King Kong: Skull Island and why raptors just want a hug.

1:12:15 Bonus Chat

We continue a conversation from our break so ignore the lack of continuity and enjoy our chat about critical engagement, free speech and censorship, and how we can progress in cultural conversations about who gets to say what.

1:19:14 What’s Next for Star Wars?

We discuss the Star Wars franchise, from what we want to see next (and what we don’t want to see – looking at you, Boba Fett) as well as an in-depth discussion of Lando Calrissian’s canon (but not explicitly textual) sexuality and pink capitalism. We chat fan service, Obi Wan the Detective, the Star Wars formula, and that pansexuality =/= attraction to robots.

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