#2: Sequels

#2: Sequels
Space Wizards

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Do you get it? In the follow-up to our pilot episode, we’re chatting sequels. What makes a good sequel? Why do so many sequels seem to fail at this? And what are the best sequels ever made – and what about the ones that didn’t get made?

All this and more in Space Wizards #2! We cover T2, Aliens, The Fast and the Furious, trilogies, and more. We also chat about the stuff we’ve been doing recently, including watching Atlanta, Better Call Saul, and Girlboss, reading American Vampire, and playing Hearthstone and Diablo II.

Got a question or want to join in on the discussion? Contact us on our website or get in touch on Twitter @SpaceWizardsPod OR @ZainabbHull OR @DziugasMatas – or all three, if you’re super hardcore.

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