#19: True Crime, True Crime

#19: True Crime, True Crime
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cw: violence, sexual violence, mention of child abuse

In today’s episode of Magical Trash, we’re discussing true crime and why it’s such a popular form of storytelling. Plus, how can true crime be less gross and more thoughtful?

2:10 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

Zainabb watched Constantine for the first time so we discuss the highs and the lows of the Hellblazer adaptation.

We complain about the rich people wedding that happened last weekend and the disturbing lack of critical engagement with the event.

Zainabb read graphic novels 100 Months and Saving Grace plus we chat about The Darkness and gentrification.

We chat about Waltz With Bashir which we watched with a live orchestra, and Zainabb discusses The Tale of One Bad Rat (cw: mention of child abuse and representation of abuse). Plus, stay tuned for an Okami update (spoiler: there’s more misogyny!)

46:28 True Crime, True Crime

We forgot to do Raptors vs Terrorism this week so we’re straight into the main event: true crime. We discuss what true crime is and how we engage with the genre, from podcasts to television. We chat about the appeal of true crime and why people enjoy it, as well as the ways in which true crime can be sensationalist and dehumanising for the real people involved in cases. We ask how true crime can be done engagingly and thoughtfully.

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