#18: The Big Lebowski

#18: The Big Lebowski
Space Wizards

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Welcome to the Space Wizards Morning Show, brought to you at some ludicrous hour, featuring weather and traffic reports as well as some deep thinking about The Big Lebowski.

9:20 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

After chatting about classic ’00s pop songs, Dziugas tells us about the Wolverine podcast he’s been listening to called Wolverine: The Long Night.

Zainabb has actually been reading comics, including Injection and Paper Girls. We chat about mainstream comics plus Warren Ellis vs Garth Ennis vs Grant Morrison, FIGHT!

Dziugas has been playing a Skyrim mod featuring time loops, totalitarianism, and fucking shit up.

We also chat about Into The Night, a bizarre comedy-action film starring Jeff Goldblum, Michelle Pfieffer, David Bowie and weird racism.

1:03:13 Raptors vs Terrorism

We watched multiple versions of the same Jurassic World 2 trailer and we chat about the future of the Jurassic Park franchise and exactly what is the point of this new film.

1:18:10 The Big Lebowski

After Zainabb’s first ever viewing of cult classic The Big Lebowski, we chat the Dude, philosophy, the nature of being truly chill, and themes of masculinity within the film. We discuss how The Big Lebowski holds up as a comedy and how comedy has transformed over recent years. Finally, we talk about how the gospel of the Dude has been upheld and remained unchallenged over time.

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