#17 Films For Self Care

#17 Films For Self Care
Space Wizards

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As usual, Zainabb is doing poorly so we have a nebulous chat about films we watch for self care, plus ramblings about all the other stuff we’ve been up to recently.

2:54 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

Dziugas has been reading lots of comics including Batman and The Wicked and the Divine, whilst Zainabb provides an update on Monstress (and its cats!) We talk about self-serving fictional characters like Littlefinger, John Constantine, and whether we think we’d be able to pull that off in real life.

We chat Star Wars, imperialism, and military propaganda, before moving onto Prisoners and Jake Gyllenhaal and the drawbacks of placing your trust in shifty characters.

Zainabb read Exit West, a book about a world forced to acknowledge the normality of migration.

1:09:27 Raptors vs Terrorism

We remembered to include our new installment, Raptors vs Terrorism! Dziugas tells us about The Runaways, a television show which features psychically-controlled raptors VS TERRORISM.

1:10:05 Films For Self Care

We chat about the films we turn to for self care and why. Zainabb talks about the comfort of horror whilst Dziugas explains why Die Hard is a go-to comfort flick.

We also chat Labyrinth and The Lost Boys plus we complain about heteronormativity in romance and why rom-coms are often not as blandly comforting as you might expect.

Then we go balls-deep into a discussion on The Lord of the Rings and where the new television show could go and whether it could possibly get it right. We finish up by chatting about The Big Lebowski and the films that have seen us through pivotal points in our lives.

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