#16 Our Longest Nam Sayin Yet

#16 Our Longest Nam Sayin Yet
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content warning: we chat emotional abuse in Fringe, abusive behaviour in Ex Machina, self-harm in Pay The Ghost, mention of sexual abuse and gore (unrelated!) in You Were Never Really Here, racism in Three Billboards, misogyny at various points

We’re back after our unplanned hiatus with our most unstructured (and probably longest) episode yet. Listen to us winging it as we talk at length about random topics that interest us, and about what we’ve been up to over the last many weeks.

4:15 Our Longest Nam Sayin G Yet

We kick off our chat with Fringe and The Adjustment Bureau, discussing sci-fi romcoms and emotional abuse, before moving on to Annihilation and Ex Machina where we chat sci-fi, emotional intelligence, misogyny, male entitlement, and nerdbro perceptions of geeky stuff.

We also talk about Pay The Ghost – a shitty Nic Cage horror flick – and Zach Braff’s The Ex before discussing changing perceptions of media as we get older and have to deal with real life. We chat about how our imaginations and escapism have evolved for us over time. Zainabb talks about struggling with comics and mental health and empathy, plus we cover the difference between comics and cinema.

Then Zainabb gushes about You Were Never Really Here, a super intense film by Lynne Ramsey starring Joaquin Phoenix that tackles PTSD and trauma really well.

Zainabb also saw Pixar’s latest Coco and we chat POC representation, Disney, and Lilo and Stitch. We chat queerness and romance in Your Name plus misogyny in Okami and squishiness in Skyrim.

We end on the disappointment of Three Billboards and gross white men because there’s no such thing as a happy ending, deal with it.


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