#15 Thor: Ragnarok (with Ben!)

#15 Thor: Ragnarok (with Ben!)
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content warning: we discuss emotional abuse during the Tommy Wiseau/Disaster Artist section and mention sexual abuse in Alias Grace

BEN’S HERE for our longest episode yet – and one of our most in-depth. We discuss The Disaster Artist, Alias Grace, raptors vs terrorism, The Lord of the Rings, and Thor: Ragnarok – which means we also discuss imperialism, misogyny, patriarchy, abuse culture, and Jeff Goldblum.


2:00 Raptors vs Terrorism

Our first Raptors vs Terrorism segment, where Ben explains what ‘raptors vs terrorism’ means and we chat Jurassic Park/World/Universe – and what the future of this segment will look like. (Stay tuned to find out if Zainabb remembers to include this segment in future recordings.)

12:18 ‘Nam Saying G

Zainabb and Dziugas watched The Disaster Artist and came away feeling differently about it, but both agreeing that abuse is bad and should probably not be framed as funny or heartwarming. We discuss the culture surrounding Tommy Wiseau and how it’s indicative of a larger issue around the ways we treat abuse in our society.

Ben watched Alias Grace and discusses how it makes use of its format to challenge the viewer and patriarchal society.

Zainabb went to a twelve-hour The Lord of the Rings marathon so we discuss the magic of Middle-Earth plus sleep deprivation. Zainabb gets very mushy.

We also briefly chat about Metal Gear Solid 2 whilst we vamp.

1:40:50 Thor: Ragnarok

We chat Thor: Ragnarok in-depth, including representation for POC and queer folx; themes of imperialism, white supremacy, and hierarchy; Jeff Goldblum; Taika Waititi and how an indigenous filmmaker has challenged the status quo; as well as the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe and how Ragnarok compares. Zainabb has feels about Valkyrie and angry women of colour, we all squee about revolutionary camaraderie, and we ask how white folk can do better.

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