#14 Zainabb Is Ill So We Watch The Room

#14 Zainabb Is Ill So We Watch The Room
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In a short episode that’s still pretty long, Zainabb is sick and gives no fucks, so we ramble about what we’ve been doing recently before watching The Room (which Zainabb had never seen before!) Listen to us watching overlong sex scenes, bad acting, and an accidental portrayal of an emotionally abusive relationship!

4:53 ‘Nam Saying G

Zainabb is playing Ayo: A Rain Tale, a cute platformer about the struggles of water-fetching for women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dziugas has been watching Love, which both Zainabb and Dziugas have many strong feelings about, including face-hating and rebelling against heteronormativity. We discuss Judd Apatow and relating to broken characters.

We also went to watch Run Lola Run which is very German and has a pumpkin techno soundtrack.

48:30 The Room

We watch The Room (for the first time, in Zainabb’s case) and it’s about as ridiculous as expected. There’s lots of bad music, bad sex scenes, bad acting, but a surprisingly accurate portrayal of emotional abuse and what happens when egomaniacs have enough money to make a film.

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