#11 Based On A True Story Stories

#11 Based On A True Story Stories
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Today we chat about BOATS – all things based on a true story. Why are they different? How do they make us feel? What’s a good BOAT and what’s a bad one? We answer all your pressing BOATS questions.

2:05 ‘Nam Saying G

Dziugas has finished Stephen King’s The Stand so we chat about Stephen King and Randall Flag.

Zainabb watched Queen and Dear Zindagi and is done with Shah Rukh Khan but here for female empowerment in desi films.

Dziugas has also been playing Deus Ex Go, a phone game based on the Hit Video Game Series.

33:28 Based On A True Story

We discuss BOATS – why do people make Based On A True Story stories? Why do we consume them? How do they make us feel compared to other types of stories? We talk about made-for-TV movies, Zodiac, what happens when someone sees their own true story retold, and the relationship between BOATS and objectivity and truth.

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