#10 Headcanons

#10 Headcanons
Space Wizards

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In our milestone TENTH EPISODE we chat about headcanons and a whole lot more in probably our longest episode yet. We explore what headcanons are and why we do the headcanon thing, plus we share our fave all-time ships.

1:30 ‘Nam Saying G

Dziugas has been listening to an audiobook version of Stephen King’s The Stand and Zainabb doesn’t understand his endurance. We talk about other Stephen King stuff like Duma Key, The Shining, and Misery.

Zainabb listened to the first two episodes of the podcast Conversations With People Who Hate Me and continuously messes up the name of the host. We discuss the merit of talking to trolls.

Dziugas tells us about the fantasy game he’s playing at the moment, called Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. Zainabb has started playing Twin Peaks: The Video Game, also known as Deadly Premonition.

Zainabb watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and has thoughts on postcolonialism and the way that Asians are portrayed – and othered – in films alongside white Brits. She also went to see Atomic Blonde and has lots of queer feels about Charlize Theron and the neon 80s aesthetic.

1:25:30 Headcanons

We discuss what headcanons are and why they are. How do headcanons influence the ways we engage with media? What are our favourite headcanons? Can our own theories make us like media better than we would normally? Featuring Stucky, Twin Peaks lesbian ships, and our fave enby headcanons, plus identity- vs narrative-based headcanon.

Got a question or want to join in on the discussion? Contact us on our website or get in touch on Twitter @SpaceWizardsPod OR @ZainabbHull OR @DziugasMatas – or all three, if you’re super hardcore.

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