#20: Sexuality and The Future of Star Wars

Lando Calrissian and Han Solo in Star Wars

cw: mention of attempted suicide, sexual violence

We go deep on a whole bunch of topics, from censorship and colonialism in pop culture to queerness in Star Wars. We chat about the Star Wars franchise and what we can expect from future instalments, plus what we actually want to see from the series.

2:06 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

Zainabb watched Empire Records for the first time and liked it far better than The Breakfast Club. (cw: mention of attempted suicide)

We chat about Dope, the Netflix dramedy that Dziugas couldn’t get into.

In our first instalment of Zainabb v Dinosaurs, Zainabb chats about the Jurassic Park series, liopleurodon, and Walking With Dinosaurs.

Dziugas went to see Deadpool 2 so we chat about its queer representation, putting abusers on-screen, and how it weighs up with the first one.

Zainabb read Becoming Unbecoming, a graphic novel about misogyny, gendered violence, and abuse. (Content warning for all those things.) Then we discuss narratives of abuse as they relate to Deadpool which features weird morals around an abuse-based subplot.

Zainabb watched Keanu romance film The Lake House so we discuss time travel, paradoxes, and alternate timelines. Zainabb also watched Gravity and got real annoyed with George sex-pest Clooney.

Dziugas started playing Just Cause 3 and we discuss the merits of blowing things up, as well as the problem with imperialism in video games and why games only ever seem to ask us to blow up brown bodies.

1:09:42 Raptors vs Terrorism

We chat dinos and imperialism in King Kong: Skull Island and why raptors just want a hug.

1:12:15 Bonus Chat

We continue a conversation from our break so ignore the lack of continuity and enjoy our chat about critical engagement, free speech and censorship, and how we can progress in cultural conversations about who gets to say what.

1:19:14 What’s Next for Star Wars?

We discuss the Star Wars franchise, from what we want to see next (and what we don’t want to see – looking at you, Boba Fett) as well as an in-depth discussion of Lando Calrissian’s canon (but not explicitly textual) sexuality and pink capitalism. We chat fan service, Obi Wan the Detective, the Star Wars formula, and that pansexuality =/= attraction to robots.

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19: True Crime, True Crime

True Crime

cw: violence, sexual violence, mention of child abuse

In today’s episode of Magical Trash, we’re discussing true crime and why it’s such a popular form of storytelling. Plus, how can true crime be less gross and more thoughtful?

2:10 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

Zainabb watched Constantine for the first time so we discuss the highs and the lows of the Hellblazer adaptation.

We complain about the rich people wedding that happened last weekend and the disturbing lack of critical engagement with the event.

Zainabb read graphic novels 100 Months and Saving Grace plus we chat about The Darkness and gentrification.

We chat about Waltz With Bashir which we watched with a live orchestra, and Zainabb discusses The Tale of One Bad Rat (cw: mention of child abuse and representation of abuse). Plus, stay tuned for an Okami update (spoiler: there’s more misogyny!)

46:28 True Crime, True Crime

We forgot to do Raptors vs Terrorism this week so we’re straight into the main event: true crime. We discuss what true crime is and how we engage with the genre, from podcasts to television. We chat about the appeal of true crime and why people enjoy it, as well as the ways in which true crime can be sensationalist and dehumanising for the real people involved in cases. We ask how true crime can be done engagingly and thoughtfully.

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18: The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski

Welcome to the Space Wizards Morning Show, brought to you at some ludicrous hour, featuring weather and traffic reports as well as some deep thinking about The Big Lebowski.

9:20 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

After chatting about classic ’00s pop songs, Dziugas tells us about the Wolverine podcast he’s been listening to called Wolverine: The Long Night.

Zainabb has actually been reading comics, including Injection and Paper Girls. We chat about mainstream comics plus Warren Ellis vs Garth Ennis vs Grant Morrison, FIGHT!

Dziugas has been playing a Skyrim mod featuring time loops, totalitarianism, and fucking shit up.

We also chat about Into The Night, a bizarre comedy-action film starring Jeff Goldblum, Michelle Pfieffer, David Bowie and weird racism.

1:03:13 Raptors vs Terrorism

We watched multiple versions of the same Jurassic World 2 trailer and we chat about the future of the Jurassic Park franchise and exactly what is the point of this new film.

1:18:10 The Big Lebowski

After Zainabb’s first ever viewing of cult classic The Big Lebowski, we chat the Dude, philosophy, the nature of being truly chill, and themes of masculinity within the film. We discuss how The Big Lebowski holds up as a comedy and how comedy has transformed over recent years. Finally, we talk about how the gospel of the Dude has been upheld and remained unchallenged over time.

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#17 Films For Self Care

Frodo and Sam hugging in The Lord of the Rings, with caption that says 'Thug life? More like hug life come here'

As usual, Zainabb is doing poorly so we have a nebulous chat about films we watch for self care, plus ramblings about all the other stuff we’ve been up to recently.

2:54 ‘Nam Sayin’ G

Dziugas has been reading lots of comics including Batman and The Wicked and the Divine, whilst Zainabb provides an update on Monstress (and its cats!) We talk about self-serving fictional characters like Littlefinger, John Constantine, and whether we think we’d be able to pull that off in real life.

We chat Star Wars, imperialism, and military propaganda, before moving onto Prisoners and Jake Gyllenhaal and the drawbacks of placing your trust in shifty characters.

Zainabb read Exit West, a book about a world forced to acknowledge the normality of migration.

1:09:27 Raptors vs Terrorism

We remembered to include our new installment, Raptors vs Terrorism! Dziugas tells us about The Runaways, a television show which features psychically-controlled raptors VS TERRORISM.

1:10:05 Films For Self Care

We chat about the films we turn to for self care and why. Zainabb talks about the comfort of horror whilst Dziugas explains why Die Hard is a go-to comfort flick.

We also chat Labyrinth and The Lost Boys plus we complain about heteronormativity in romance and why rom-coms are often not as blandly comforting as you might expect.

Then we go balls-deep into a discussion on The Lord of the Rings and where the new television show could go and whether it could possibly get it right. We finish up by chatting about The Big Lebowski and the films that have seen us through pivotal points in our lives.

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#16 Our Longest Nam Sayin Yet

Nam Sayin: Freddie Prinze Jr and other douchey 90s stars in classic teen flick She's All That

content warning: we chat emotional abuse in Fringe, abusive behaviour in Ex Machina, self-harm in Pay The Ghost, mention of sexual abuse and gore (unrelated!) in You Were Never Really Here, racism in Three Billboards, misogyny at various points

We’re back after our unplanned hiatus with our most unstructured (and probably longest) episode yet. Listen to us winging it as we talk at length about random topics that interest us, and about what we’ve been up to over the last many weeks.

4:15 Our Longest Nam Sayin G Yet

We kick off our chat with Fringe and The Adjustment Bureau, discussing sci-fi romcoms and emotional abuse, before moving on to Annihilation and Ex Machina where we chat sci-fi, emotional intelligence, misogyny, male entitlement, and nerdbro perceptions of geeky stuff.

We also talk about Pay The Ghost – a shitty Nic Cage horror flick – and Zach Braff’s The Ex before discussing changing perceptions of media as we get older and have to deal with real life. We chat about how our imaginations and escapism have evolved for us over time. Zainabb talks about struggling with comics and mental health and empathy, plus we cover the difference between comics and cinema.

Then Zainabb gushes about You Were Never Really Here, a super intense film by Lynne Ramsey starring Joaquin Phoenix that tackles PTSD and trauma really well.

Zainabb also saw Pixar’s latest Coco and we chat POC representation, Disney, and Lilo and Stitch. We chat queerness and romance in Your Name plus misogyny in Okami and squishiness in Skyrim.

We end on the disappointment of Three Billboards and gross white men because there’s no such thing as a happy ending, deal with it.


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#15 Thor: Ragnarok (with Ben!)

content warning: we discuss emotional abuse during the Tommy Wiseau/Disaster Artist section and mention sexual abuse in Alias Grace

BEN’S HERE for our longest episode yet – and one of our most in-depth. We discuss The Disaster Artist, Alias Grace, raptors vs terrorism, The Lord of the Rings, and Thor: Ragnarok – which means we also discuss imperialism, misogyny, patriarchy, abuse culture, and Jeff Goldblum.


2:00 Raptors vs Terrorism

Our first Raptors vs Terrorism segment, where Ben explains what ‘raptors vs terrorism’ means and we chat Jurassic Park/World/Universe – and what the future of this segment will look like. (Stay tuned to find out if Zainabb remembers to include this segment in future recordings.)

12:18 ‘Nam Saying G

Zainabb and Dziugas watched The Disaster Artist and came away feeling differently about it, but both agreeing that abuse is bad and should probably not be framed as funny or heartwarming. We discuss the culture surrounding Tommy Wiseau and how it’s indicative of a larger issue around the ways we treat abuse in our society.

Ben watched Alias Grace and discusses how it makes use of its format to challenge the viewer and patriarchal society.

Zainabb went to a twelve-hour The Lord of the Rings marathon so we discuss the magic of Middle-Earth plus sleep deprivation. Zainabb gets very mushy.

We also briefly chat about Metal Gear Solid 2 whilst we vamp.

1:40:50 Thor: Ragnarok

We chat Thor: Ragnarok in-depth, including representation for POC and queer folx; themes of imperialism, white supremacy, and hierarchy; Jeff Goldblum; Taika Waititi and how an indigenous filmmaker has challenged the status quo; as well as the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe and how Ragnarok compares. Zainabb has feels about Valkyrie and angry women of colour, we all squee about revolutionary camaraderie, and we ask how white folk can do better.

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#14 Zainabb Is Ill So We Watch The Room

The Room

In a short episode that’s still pretty long, Zainabb is sick and gives no fucks, so we ramble about what we’ve been doing recently before watching The Room (which Zainabb had never seen before!) Listen to us watching overlong sex scenes, bad acting, and an accidental portrayal of an emotionally abusive relationship!

4:53 ‘Nam Saying G

Zainabb is playing Ayo: A Rain Tale, a cute platformer about the struggles of water-fetching for women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dziugas has been watching Love, which both Zainabb and Dziugas have many strong feelings about, including face-hating and rebelling against heteronormativity. We discuss Judd Apatow and relating to broken characters.

We also went to watch Run Lola Run which is very German and has a pumpkin techno soundtrack.

48:30 The Room

We watch The Room (for the first time, in Zainabb’s case) and it’s about as ridiculous as expected. There’s lots of bad music, bad sex scenes, bad acting, but a surprisingly accurate portrayal of emotional abuse and what happens when egomaniacs have enough money to make a film.

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#13 Square Enix

Weird mashup of Square Enix characters

We chat Square Enix: RPGs, adventure, childhood gaming, and nostalgia. Listen to us chat about some of our favourite games PLUS internet adventures, Ancient Roman adventures, and adventures in race.

1:45 ‘Nam Saying G

Dziugas has been using new social media contender Mastodon whilst Zainabb finished reading Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, and has thoughts on racism in Britain, setting boundaries around white folk, and solidarity between POC.

Dziugas has been playing Blood Bowl and is getting all American football-y.

Zainabb is watching I, Claudius, a nerdy classic from childhood, and just rewatched The Princess Bride.

48:30 Square Enix

We discuss the video game developer and publisher, which is a right nostalgia trip for Zainabb. We chat Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tomb Raider, Ultima, Assassin’s Creed, Hitman, and more.

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#12 The Revival

The Revival: characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

We’re back, baby. And after our unplanned hiatus, we’re chatting reboots, remakes, and revivals. What’s the difference, you ask? Better get your headphones on to find out.

2:20 ‘Nam Saying G

Zainabb went to see Call Me By Your Name and it was both super gay and healing, and we chat a bit about coming-of-age stories.

We both watched The Crow and The Craft for Hallowe’en so we chat a bit about the angsty joys of those films (Dziugas had never seen The Craft and Zainabb had never seen The Crow!)

Zainabb read Threads, a graphic novel about refugees in Calais, and cried for the first time reading a book.

Dziugas has started playing World of Warcraft so we talk about that, MMORPGs, and Runescape.

57:27 Reboots, Remakes, and Revivals

We chat the triple Rs, starting with semantics and moving on to our personal feelings about reboots et al. (Spoiler: Zainabb does not care for them.) We discuss what we would (and would not) like to see remade/rebooted/revived and where the appeal of reboots comes from. We cover superhero films including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Batman and Spider-Man, plus The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Heathers, and Darren Aronofsky.

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#11 Based On A True Story Stories

Zodiac - BOATS

Today we chat about BOATS – all things based on a true story. Why are they different? How do they make us feel? What’s a good BOAT and what’s a bad one? We answer all your pressing BOATS questions.

2:05 ‘Nam Saying G

Dziugas has finished Stephen King’s The Stand so we chat about Stephen King and Randall Flag.

Zainabb watched Queen and Dear Zindagi and is done with Shah Rukh Khan but here for female empowerment in desi films.

Dziugas has also been playing Deus Ex Go, a phone game based on the Hit Video Game Series.

33:28 Based On A True Story

We discuss BOATS – why do people make Based On A True Story stories? Why do we consume them? How do they make us feel compared to other types of stories? We talk about made-for-TV movies, Zodiac, what happens when someone sees their own true story retold, and the relationship between BOATS and objectivity and truth.

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